Car Parks

The main parking area for craftzone is on Denwell terrace, thats the road on the right before the bridge, Craftzone has 6 parking places, plus theres 4 visitors parking bays as well. You can also park on the other side of the road, thats along side of the building.



Disabled Parking

At Craftzone we have upto 4 parking spaces in-side the building. The indoor parking is shared by several other units, so dont park in front of there doors (sundays is a good day to visit as we are the only one open so you should be able to park any where)

So if you need to park inside our parking is the first 4 bays on the left. if you want to phone us before arriving we will make sure you can park.

Busy Saturday Demo's Days

All the parking above is full try the car park at the school on the right before Craftzone building.(sat only)



Right before bridge

Indoor parking big door after slow sign