How we started

Our job used to be making wedding albums some twenty years ago, we worked from home for quite a few years, then we hit a quite patch so needed to change direction. Wendy being quite crafty made cards and so started our adventure, first craft event was Bolton Abbey we booked a 4 foot table and was given a 6 foot we just managed to fill it. We did this for two years each show bigger than the last till we made the big jump to the N.E.C at Birmingham, we were lucky to have some good suppliers who gave us some stock sale or return, it was a big gamble at the time. The gamble paid off and with lots of hard work and many shows we seem to be going alright. The problem was we were doing too much and after a busy patch Joe ended up in hospital, so our crafting career came to a stop for now.

Craftzone Started

After 7 months lay off from crafting my sister Lorraine who add finished working for Airtours was coming home, She wanted us to start again with her help things would be easier, So we booked some local shows at Harrogate show ground and rented a unit at Britannia works to store our stock. At the show lots of people enquired do you have a shop? no we have a unit were we store our stock, so we made a decision if you want to come May 1st 2000 will be our openng day.

Craftzone Opens

It was an early start for Joe to finish setting out our stock, most of it was just laid on the floor which at this point wasn't even carpeted. I arrived about 9 after taking SAM to school, we laughed, do you think any body will turn up, we were surprise how many people did, and at the end of the day decided to advertise in our local paper, our luck was in as local tutor Julie Trafford saw the add and after visiting us informed all her pupils, this got the busy off to a good start. Big decision we packed in the wedding album job and concentrated on the craft busness, we loved the job right from the word go and busness grew and grew till we took more units and our first member of staff Cath.

Ten Years Later

We have five units and an aother member of staff Jenny, we still love the job, a bit more time off would be nice. Recession has affected us in last two years but seem to be doing well enough to keep afloat, We'll never be rich and as Joe say's i wish we were a penny behind what they think we got. It's not just the shop hours, its all the work at home, you'll be getting the violins out soon lol.

The Future

Hopefully we will be here for some years to come, recently we'll been revamping, trying to tidy the place up, its an up hill struggle although we made progress in the class room by insulating the roof and windows and installing heating which seems popular on sat demo days. Our aim for this year is to go in to mail- order and just like the shop with its extensive range of stock we want to do the same on line, along with good reliable fast service.